Two Seducers, a Major Clean-up, and a New Prophet

Chapters Seven,  Eight and Nine

Hazel and Sabbath have each decided, separately, that they will seduce the other.  Sabbath is more active in trying to get her way, while Hazel is in no hurry, “considering her innocence”.  Neither is successful.  Hazel has trouble with his car, although he still proclaims it to be a good machine that will get him anywhere he wants to go.  O’Connor’s sense of humour shines through.

Meanwhile, Enoch finds himself giving his room a good cleaning, for no reason that he is aware of.  He washes the furniture, buys chintz curtains, and gilds the inside of the cabinet in his washstand.  His blood rushes around and around, giving him a hard time, making him feel something is going to happen.  When he sees Hazel Motes preaching, standing on his car and explaining that his Church Without Christ is in need of a new jesus, Enoch suddenly realizes what he has to do, and his blood suggests that he keep it a surprise.

Hazel Motes keeps trying to get Preacher Hawks to notice him and try to save his soul, but he only succeeds in having Sabbath harass him further.  His preaching is unsuccessful and he has no followers until an unexpected disciple shows up who tries to convince Hazel that the two of them can work together and charge money to have people join their church, but Hazel is outraged that the man is wanting to con people, to exploit the idea of the Church Without Christ and turn it into something else.

Now the story has some momentum gathering, and I am interested to know what will happen next.  The author is quite adept with description and dialogue, and the scenes are livelier.


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