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February Meeting, 2011

For the celebration of our second anniversary, we met on a Saturday evening so that we would have enough time to do a complete read-through of a play.  We also had our first potluck supper for a festive start to the evening, gathered at the refectory table.

After a delicious supper, we settled down to a dramatic reading of Robert  Bolt’s A Man For All Seasons.  Seven members plus a friend of the book club were sufficient, with doubling, to cover all the roles in the play.

Everyone read with conviction, and the play moved swiftly from scene to scene.  We took a short break between Acts, and got right back into the thick of it.

Sir Thomas More

 The tension of the confrontational scenes kept us pushing on as Cromwell plotted and Richard Rich schemed.

The Common Man considers his options

When we finished, we had plenty of comments and questions, along with jokes about how we were ready to take the production on the road.  The fact that no one wanted to leave for some time showed how involved we had all become.  We praised the play and its author, commented on the staging and effects, and talked a bit about the movie which had been made from the play.  The evening was declared a definite success, and suggestions were made for other plays which might be read.  It was a great anniversary celebration!

The Cast of Characters

Another View - don't miss Thomas More's dog!