Monthly Archives: September 2011

September Meeting

It was great to get back together again!  Because of illness, we had to miss our August meeting, so we had lots to talk about, particularly with Father having been at World Youth Day in Madrid.

The summer had been full of interruptions and busy-ness for most of us, and therefore not everyone had read the books under discussion.  Those who had done the reading were able to comment on the books and give updates for the benefit of the others.

First to be discussed was Dear and Glorious Physician, by Taylor Caldwell.  Although the book is a fictional treatment of the life of St. Luke, some were left wanting more fact included, and some were wishing that the book had not stopped where it did, with St. Luke beginning to gather information from Jesus’ mother Mary. 

Our book for September was Why Catholics Are Right by Michael Coren, and it too was criticized on several fronts.  One member commented that it was generally well written, but didn’t bring new information on the various topics.   Another criticism was that the intended audience was unclear.  If Coren means to convince Protestants with this book, why does he not include Scripture references to go with his points?  A member commented that Scripture references don’t work for non-religious people, so if that was his audience, no wonder he (Coren) didn’t include them.  The general feeling seemed to be that those who had read this book did not find it satisfying.

We decided that our book for October and November will be Galileo’s Mistake by Wade Rowland.  Because the book is lengthy and several members expect to be  very busy, we will read the first thirteen chapters for October, and then finish the book for November.  Our October meeting will be at bookgetaway’s house, and she will let everyone know her location.  We have decided to meet on Tuesday, Oct. 11, because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  See you then!