Monthly Archives: November 2011

October Meeting

Father Lawrence was not able to attend this month, and we missed him, because we had lots of questions about the book, which he had recommended.

All who attended had done the reading of the first half of the book, and were unanimous in feeling that we hadn’t liked it.  The style put us off, particularly his use of characters to serve as foils for the discussion of various opinions.  Rowland also couldn’t seem to decide if he was writing a travelogue or discussing Galileo and his case, since he included photos of places that had to do with his made-up journey and characters, Berkowitz the atheist and Sister Clarice the nun. 

We felt that he could have explained his points more clearly and quickly, and found the reading hard going.  We all agreed, though, to finish the book for next month, and then choose something spiritual for the following book.

We decided that our book for the December meeting will be Becoming Human by Jean Vanier.  A Globe and Mail review of a book on his parents, Georges and Pauline Vanier: Portrait of a Couple  by Mary Frances Coady, was passed around and suggested as a possible book for the future.