Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Blog is Back!

This blog hasn’t kept up, but the book club has enthusiastically continued to read, meet, and enjoy discussing books. We are adding new members and expanding our horizons as we have moved into some serious reading in church history.  We’re not getting bogged down, though, as we have included related historical fiction!

At our August meeting we had a wonderful time at our first-ever summer potluck dinner (thank you, M.R.), and sketched out some plans for our reading over the next few months.  Check out the Our Next Book link above to see the details.  At our September 10th meeting, we will need to set a different date for the October meeting, since our usual second Monday will fall on the Thanksgiving holiday, so please give some thought to what date would work with your calendar.

So, for September 10, be prepared to discuss Count Belisarius.  We’ll be meeting at Father Lawrence’s, 7:30 as usual.  See you there!


Jan. and Feb Meetings; Anniversary Play Reading!

 A variety of health issues have kept me from being faithful to this blog, but I am determined to update before our March meeting, so here goes:

At our January meeting we discussed The Song at the Scaffold, talking about conditions in the Church in France at the time of the Revolution.  We also looked briefly at the differences between the novel and the opera that was based on it, Dialogues of the Carmelites by Poulenc.  The horrors of the Reign of Terror are certainly brought out forcefully by the novel, slight though it is.

We were pleased to welcome a new member!  No doubt she will keep us on our toes in the coming months.

It is customary for us in January to vote on our favourite book of the past year, and we had some difficulty with that because there had been several books not read by all the members.  We narrowed our choices down to two–In This House of Brede and Becoming Human.  Each book was argued for strongly, and after debate we decided to make them dual favourites for 2011.

Our February meeting followed our custom of getting together on a Saturday night for dinner and a reading of a play.  The catering of the dinner, which was Italian-themed, was coordinated by Father Lawrence and was deemed a great success.  We all enjoyed the chance to spend much more time than we  have at our regular meetings, getting to know one another better and to catch up on our latest news.

Then it was time to pull out our scripts and set to business.  The play chosen, “A Certain Nobleman”,  is from a series of radio plays based on the Gospels, so we had the fun of providing our own sound effects when necessary, such as crowd noises and trotting horses.  But the subject was a serious one, taking Jesus and the Apostles from the wedding at Cana to the cleansing of the Temple, and then on to the healing of the nobleman’s son.  The effect on us was powerful, as though we were ourselves immersed in the scenes.  We thought it possible that we may want to perform other of the short plays in the series in the future.

For a variety of reasons, we decided to break our reading of our next book, Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina, into two parts for our March and April meetings.  First we will concentrate on Chapters 1 – 3.