Monthly Archives: March 2014


Our December meeting came unglued for us due to illness and people being out of town for the holidays.  But January saw us gathered at a nearby McDonald’s, eating cookies and discussing The Edge of Sadness, under the leadership of Randy. We had a lively discussion, with most people liking the book and some finding it a little disappointing and lacking in detail, particularly with regard to the struggles the lead character had in recovering from alcoholism.  We made comparisons with the way parishes are run today, talked about the responsibilities of a bishop and how he might make choices in the assignment of priests, and discussed various characters and how they were depicted.  It was a very satisfactory meeting.

In February we got together for a potluck supper in celebration of our fifth anniversary, and the combination of delicious dishes and interesting talk kept us at the table for quite a while.  The collapse of a chair, though, left one member laughing on the floor and got us moving to the study, where we were to watch a movie.  Sadly, the setup for the movie didn’t work out.  The good feelings left from the dinner, kept us contented as we waited, and cheery conversation continued until we had to give up on the movie and say our goodbyes.

March will bring us together to talk about Left to Tell, and we’ll be searching out a new spot for our meeting.  So many books, so little time!