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Posting Once More

Once again, the blog has been inactive because of health issues: cancer and its return, in fact. However, the chemotherapy sessions are finished (for now), and I can get on with some updating.

If you look at the What We Have Read page, you will see that our book guild has continued on with enthusiasm, doing some very interesting reads, and also having attended a dramatic performance of Everyman and seen a documentary on Oscar Romero. The grass has not grown under our feet!

I’ll give you a brief summary of our September  19th meeting. We had read Robert Hugh Benson’s The Lord of the World and, after a quick look at the outline of the life of the author, discussed the following  subjects:

-what is the place of emotion in faith?

-Benson postulates that people will feel a need for liturgy and worship. Do you agree? What do you see today?

-Apart from the ending, did you see a climax in the novel?

-What would you say is the dominant theme?

-Any favourite part?

Our discussion was stimulating and thorough. We then decided that our next meeting will be on October 17th, and the book for discussion will be Peter Kreeft’s newest, I Burned For Your Peace, in which he intends to consider key passages from Augustine’s Confessions and offer commentary for our consideration. Randy will lead us.

The book for November will be J. F. Powers’ Morte D’Urban, which has been described as “very funny…a satiric romp transforms into deadly serious and deeply moving exploration of faith”. Mary will lead this one.

We are considering the possibility of doing another of our play readings from Dorothy Sayers’ The Man Born to be King for our December meeting!